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Teacher's Pet Fister

  • Updated 2021-10-14
  • | Length 01:26:26
  • | 6911

Featuring Devin Franco, Drew Dixon, Jack Hunter, Micah Martinez

Categories Anal, Big Dick, Dildo, Fingering, Fisting, Jerk-Off, Oral, Rimming, Rosebud, Spanking, Toys, Uniforms

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When the pressure of school life becomes too much to handle, you can always turn to the 'Teacher's Pet Fister' to relieve some serious stress. Under the direction of headmaster Tom Moore, these four teachers and students know that they'll have to open up more than just their textbooks if they want a true hands-on (and hands-in) learning experience. Drew Dixon has to meet with his student's parents in less than an hour and he isn't looking forward to it. Lucky for him, colleague Micah Martinez is there to distract him from his tedious job with his raw cock, open hole, and burly fists. Both teachers take turns using their hands to fill each other up until they're both covered in their own creamy loads. In the same perverted classroom, troublemaker Jack Hunter begins rifling through his teacher's personal belongings and immediately comes across a violently oversized dildo. The rebel harasses the innocent Devin Franco with it and the goody-two-shoes student quickly discovers he isn't able to swallow the enormous toy, but he is able to make Jack Hunter's entire fist disappear in his gaping asshole. After getting stretched out and exposing his bright red insides, Devin Franco returns the favor by fisting and fucking Jack Hunter with their teacher's monster dildo until Jack sprays a thick load all over his naked body. These bareback studs know that academic life is hard, but if they put in the work and stretch out their peers like they've never been stretched before, they'll be able to earn the coveted title of 'Teacher's Pet Fister'.